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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Arrival

I'm here... not sure where "here" is but I'm here. My new Mom and Dad came to pick me up and ... well... I'm here

I was born in Plymouth Massachussetts on October 8th 2009. I was one of seven puppies. I hate to boast, but I was the first born. Grammy likes to say that I was the first and I was born backwards! She had to pull me out by my back legs. Grammys name is Barbara and my Moms name is Rose. Did I mention I'm a TT? That's Tibetan Terrier for short!

My new Mom and Dad came to visit me for the first time when I was seven weeks old. They were coming to see if they really wanted to bring me home... no pressure for me... I just had to look as cute as I possibly could. My brothers and sisters were all primpimg, waiting for the people to come in case they had a chance... but Mom and Dad liked ME the best!!! Not that I'm boasting but I am a very cute brindle TT. I showed them just how calm I was while the rest of the litter - well they were a little wild.

And so... here I am. Not sure where this "Groton" place is but I'm here. My Mom and Dad brought me home on December 12th and I was nine weeks old. They picked me up and I was a little scared. I'd never been away from Mom or the rest of the litter but my new Mom and Dad were really nice to me. They brought me a new blue collar and lead and some snacks... GREAT smelling snacks. They took me outside and let me sniff around as we made our way to their car. Mom held me the whole way home and I fell asleep in her lap while Dad drove very carefully.

When we got home to this Groton place it was so different. There was this cold, wet, white stuff on the ground. We didn't have that in Plymouth. No sir! My paws were so cold. Mom said not to worry - it's only snow. Easy for her to say, her paws aren't cold and wet. Mom said not to worry that I'd soon learn to love the "snow" stuff on the ground and she said it in that funny accent of hers and she was right I must admit that I LOVE snow. I love to bury my nose in it and I love to run and jump in it. It smells...funny. It smells crisp and clean and it crunches beneath my paws when I walk on it. Mom says she loves the sound of snow. She's a little daft.