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Friday, April 11, 2014

What a Glorious Day

Happy Friday everyone!!  What a glorious day.  Blue sky, warm sun, a well practiced choir of the sweetest bird voices!  Mom and I spent time in the yard filling up all the bird feeders and later watched the members of the choir flock to the feeders for a break from their choir practice.  There were cardinals, nuthatches, chickadees, a red headed woodpecker - all watched by a very envious and rather chubby squirrel.

And if that wasn't enough, one of my most favorite people came mobile groomer Maria from Shampooch!  Milo and I had a wonderful tubby and an invigorating blow out.

What a great way to start the weekend!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Three leaves played chase in the yard today.  As they swirled and twirled in front of my nose I looked up at the blue sky and I felt....warm!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Kid

I've been a falling a wee bit behind in my blog updates! Must be more more cunning in my efforts to get my paws on Moms laptop ;-)'s a picture of the kid. His name is Milo. We don't have a lot of baby pictures because someone (...let's call him Dad) accidentally lost them all when he was updating Moms phone so you're going to see him go from annoying puppy to annoying kid quickly ;-)

Usually when Mom chatters on in her excited voice it means she's about to surprise me with some awesome new present. I never thought that the next present would be something that would leave a trail of pee behind it for far longer than I ever did when I was a young pup!! What do you think of the picture? He's not as adorable as me, but he is kinda of cute!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

The New Arrival

Mom and Dad had been talking in hushed voices for weeks. Usually when that happens I get a new toy, or a new bed, or a new bowl. For weeks I waited with anticipation to see what my new present was going to be - there was no doubt whatsoever in my mind that I was going to get something good... after all, what else did they have to talk about if not me their precious TT?!

I waited, and waited, and waited and finally Mom and Dad put me and my boy Josh in the car and took us on a loooonnnngggg car ride. We didn't go to Social Canine. We didn't go to the groomer. We didn't go to the vet. We just kept on driving and driving. When we finally arrived at our destination they LEFT me in the car!! The great injustice of it. If they were taking me to get my present - how could they leave me in the car. Of course they left my boy Josh in the car too and suggested I take care of him.

When they finally came out they were walking with this.... this THING on 4 skinny hairy legs! Ruff - what the french toast?! Clearly this was no present for me. This must be a short stop on the way to picking up my present. Why Mom and Dad looked so excited about this "thing" escaped me. Like the cool, suave and debonair boy that I am - I strutted over to see the poor scrawny thing. I'm cool - I can afford to give those less fortunate than me a few minutes of my very important time. The scrawny thing... well to say he smelled would be kind.

More to come.....

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sisters suck!!

This is JD, she values her anonymity as you can see from the photo! She's one of my three kitty sisters. This week JD decided that she liked my bed (big blue) more than she liked her own bed (let's call beige). Now - I have to ask why does such a little kitty need such a big bed?

Do any of you other TTs have this problem? I have tried being cute... I lay in front of her on big blue doing my best super dog pose trying to hint that I'm a tired pup just waiting to crash on my comfy big blue bed after a long day at the Social Canine but she lays there unblinking, ignoring my cuteness. I very casually wiggle forward and make a very cool attempt to quickly grab my bone away from the "sweet kitty". Well, Moms sweet kitty is not that sweet. She completely ignored my cuteness and proved that she can multi-task... she can growl, hiss and swipe me with those nicely manicured nails of hers... oh yes, she's very talented.

What's a pup to do when a claw weilding kitty decides to take over his bed!?!

Momma said...

Momma said there'd be days like this.... there'd be days like this my momma said...or so the song goes.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Pup Called Milo

Well then! I promised you an update on my new kid brother, a cute Tibetan Terrier who goes by the name of Milo. I'm sure you've read in previous posts or have guessed by now that I use my moms laptop for my blogging forays... Well... what can I say, Mom got cozy on the couch tonight with some wine and mindless tv to decompress after a doggy poop day at the office and she neglected my blogging needs!! I'll hide her wine stash so that tomorrow I'll get my blogging privileges back ;-)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Wow woof!!! It's been a long time. Some might even say long time no blog ;-) Where do I start? So much has happened between the last blog and this blog. I got a baby brother, Mom got engaged, Mom got sick, Mom got a little better, Mom got married, Mom got sick again, Mom got better again and OH....did I mention that I got a little brother!!!! Holy dog kibble, right?!! Tune in tomorrow when I tell you the story of my baby brother ;-) Until then, wags and woofs!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bella the Babe!

My gal pal Bella for Social Canine came for a sleep over last weekend. Her Mom and Dad are going to go on a cruise this month and my Mom really doesn't want them to put Bella in the kennel. Bella has never gone to the kennel - she's a sweet little kid who likes company and we were worried that she would be afraid if she was left there on her own - she's not 1 year old yet. So Mom invited her over to see if she would be a good girl and sleep all night... oh.. and not pee on the rug ;-)

We took Bella for a nice walk - she's not as good on the leash as I am. She's not used to walking but we taught her and pretty soon she was lookin' good! Mom and Dad towel dried us when we got home and we got serious about playing TT style! We wrestled and played chase and played tug-of-war with... well, just about every toy in my toy box! When it was time for bed, I let Bella sleep in my crate 'cos I prefer to sleep on Mom and Dads bed. She didn't sleep much, I think she was a little scared 'cos she'd never slept away from her Mom and Dad before.

It was a really fun visit (in spite of Bella POOPING on the floor) and Mom promises that Bella can come back when her Mom and Dad go on their cruise. BUT she's not going to leave Bella roam the house again just in case Bella decides to leave us another chocolate treat on the rug.

Santa Dog and the Sleep Over

I have to come clean - I have been a lazy TT. I had the best intentions of keeping my blog up to date but I have the attention span of a bug and get side tracked easily.

I had promised my friend Megan that I would write about our Christmas together. Megan came to stay with us for Christmas while her Mom and Dad went on Holidays to Bermuda. I've stayed at her house several times but this was the first time she slept over with me. She's come on play dates before, but this time she packed a bag and came to stay!

It was so much fun to have my buddy all to myself! We played every day, we went for walks - Megan looks so cute when she goes out for her daily constitutional... she wears a little red cape to keep her warm. (Megans not a TT so she doesn't have a really nice long coat to keep her warm). Unlike me, Megan does not love walking in the snow... one could call her a "princess" ;-)

On Christmas Eve we stayed up really late hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Dog but eventually we snuggled up on Mom and Dads bed and fell asleep and when we woke up - Santa Dog had come... and had left us a pretty cool stash of goodies. We got new tennis balls, and bones, and a cuddly bear with a squeeker and a cuddly lion with a squeeker. We played and squeeked all day - BEST Christmas ever! I sure do hope that Megan comes to stay over again next Christmas.

Oh... and unlike my last sleep over - Megan slept soundly every night and she NEVER pee'd on Moms rug... Sorry Devon ;-(