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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Santa Dog and the Sleep Over

I have to come clean - I have been a lazy TT. I had the best intentions of keeping my blog up to date but I have the attention span of a bug and get side tracked easily.

I had promised my friend Megan that I would write about our Christmas together. Megan came to stay with us for Christmas while her Mom and Dad went on Holidays to Bermuda. I've stayed at her house several times but this was the first time she slept over with me. She's come on play dates before, but this time she packed a bag and came to stay!

It was so much fun to have my buddy all to myself! We played every day, we went for walks - Megan looks so cute when she goes out for her daily constitutional... she wears a little red cape to keep her warm. (Megans not a TT so she doesn't have a really nice long coat to keep her warm). Unlike me, Megan does not love walking in the snow... one could call her a "princess" ;-)

On Christmas Eve we stayed up really late hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Dog but eventually we snuggled up on Mom and Dads bed and fell asleep and when we woke up - Santa Dog had come... and had left us a pretty cool stash of goodies. We got new tennis balls, and bones, and a cuddly bear with a squeeker and a cuddly lion with a squeeker. We played and squeeked all day - BEST Christmas ever! I sure do hope that Megan comes to stay over again next Christmas.

Oh... and unlike my last sleep over - Megan slept soundly every night and she NEVER pee'd on Moms rug... Sorry Devon ;-(