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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A few things that I think are just great!! Mom thinks I sound like Oprah when I say that!!

So my friends - here are a few things that I think are just great!
1 - My bed. I just love big blue. It's filling is made from recycled bottles!
2 - my rolled leather collar. I don't get matted under my colar any more.
3 - my groomer. She understands me!
4 - my doggy day care. They help me channel my inner dog.
5 - my kibble... well, it's food.
6 - my Mom and Dad. 'Cos they love me no matter what.
7 - the drive in. You get to watch a moving in the car while eating dinner and being adored by everyone - how cool is that?!
8 - daily walks. They keep me slim and trim and I get to strut my stuff through the neighborhood.